Microwave Magic is a NEW innovative line of microwave cookware.

Patented steaming, ventilation and browning technology produces moist, browned tasty food every time.  

Invented by Kim Harvey and made in the USA.

Make burgers, bacon cheeseburgers, double decker burgers, stuffed hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, sausages,

baked potatoes, sauteed chicken, steamed veggies, warm any baked goods, reheat pizza.

Burger Blaster * Hot Dogger 

Bun Warmer 

Bacon Blaster * Hot Potato 

Only $30 plus shipping - Receive a FREE bag of "Kim's Key Lime Cookies" w/every order!

Made in the USA!



Ships within 5 days.  Made in the USA!

Receive a FREE bag of "Kim's Key Lime Cookies" w/every order!  


All foods shown were prepared in Microwave Magic.  From left to right, top to bottom;

Four burgers prepped in the Burger Blaster, 1/2 cup grease removed during cooking in the Burger Blaster, double decker cheeseburgers made with the Burger Blaster!

Sauteed chicken and fresh broccoli made with the universal bottom, the bun warmer middle tray and lid.  Crisp BLT made with the bun warmer/bacon blaster middle tray and lid.  Hot dogs made with the Hot Dogger.